The app is available on some of my devices

it still not working od the mac os

I uploaded a really simple face except for the features that would cause problems

I’m still seeing the message “The app is available on some of my devices”.

I feel like this message is limiting who can download my watch.

I want to make it available on all devices, just like the work of other developers.

It means it won’t run on your mobile but will you watch. You see that if you search from your mobile phone to the Play Store and don’t open the Watch tab. If you click on the message it will show your watch if it is paired to your mobile.

If not try searching for it from the Watch’s Play Store App

By the way if it says pending download you may have to open Play Store app in the watch or enable WiFi or even restart the watch to get the download going. (I’m not sure what triggers it but those have worked for me)

Hope this helps, Looks like nice watch face.

Samsung Developer Relations