The watchface does not load on the watch

Hello. I am the owner of the watch4 classic. In the Watch face studio program, the watchface I created is not transferred to the watch. The hours in the program are defined. After the transfer attempt, a message comes out

Do the build alone and make sure that it builds without errors.

Things to look for. Your keystore path is a file with a .jks extension and not the folder that includes that that file.

Make sure your output location is a valid folder.

If that doesn’t build then you can look for the log file
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\watchfacestudio\dump\main.log You can open it with a text editor and go to the end to see if you see any error.

Samsung Developer Relations

Something went wrong: Error: failed to authenticate to

Most likely when you connect a pop up asking to allow debugging shows on the Watch you didn’t allow that. It lasts a while but not forever.

If you turn on adb debugging and WiFi debugging it should take about a minute then the WiFi will have information on the connection be sure that starts but the pop up doesn’t show until you try to push something onto the watch.

My process
Turn on developer options
Turn on ADB debugging -select WiFi debugging
Make sure the WiFi debugging connects it takes a half minute or so
Run on device
it says no available device I add the IP address
it still says no available device.
At some point after Run on Device the pop up to allow debugging will come up on my watch I think it is after I re select the IP address
Close WFS and relaunch it
Run on Device and the watch pops up this time

I think you have all that if you didn’t get the allow debugging…In the developer options just below the ADB Debugging there is a revoke permissions item click that and it will force the acceptance again (although mine asks after the first attempt to debug after turning adb debugging on.)

Hope that helps.