Themes Store / Galaxy Store: Geolocation, Languages and why they're not longer linked

I am in Argentina (southern hemisphere) and I have long observed the carelessness with which they configure the content of Themes and Galaxy Stores. I sell themes and I really wish they pay a little more attention to the store where I sell my themes :grin:

It’s AUTUMN YAY! :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: Brown leaves everywhere!! Three complete months of featured content! Unfortunately, here it’s Spring, like in the whole southern hemisphere. :white_flower: :bouquet: :rose:

I’ve also read phrases in Portuguese (Brazil is the only country in Latin America where Portuguese is spoken)

I point in the attached screenshots labels that are in English (My Stuff, Best, New, Free, etc) and should be in Spanish --because we simply use Spanish-- not because we’re nationalist or Anglophobic. Not all those words are commonly or understood. I’m being pragmatic.

The last Store trend is to use the Latin words “Popularibus Diem” and that doesn’t mean anything in Spanish. Latin is a dead language, few expressions are still used, but not that one.

Last but not least, and this is something that happens in many countries (I checked with other developers): Themes Store is no longer “linked” to Galaxy Store. This means that if you don’t activate the Themes App, you don’t get there: If you go to the omnipresent Galaxy Store, then tap Applications > Themes, you get a list Fonts, Stickers, AR emojis, etc, everything but themes. You have to really dig to get to see some selection of themes in a slider banner and that’s all. You never really go to our Themes Store. No long ago, there was a shortcut to get to our store. Why no more?

And the “selection” of themes is topic Autumn of course. BTW my phone is correctly configured in terms of country and language.

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You are 100% correct, it’s a mess and needs to be fixed. Unless the large commercial sellers put pressure on, I don’t see it changing :frowning:

They have a promotion category for Aus/NZ, the smallest populations in the Southern Hemisphere, but not South America or Africa! And the themes in the banner ads are never updated timely, sometimes being there for months. I submit themes for promotions but I hardle ever getmy themes accepted.

We really need a theme rep from Samsung that is willing to listen to us and provide more information, can Samsung nominate someone?