This keystore does not support probing and must be loaded with a speci

I am attempting to use the Galaxy Watch Studio Converter but it asks for a keystore path and password. I generated the key but I get this error: this keystore does not support probing and must be loaded with a specified type. Can someone help?

Be sure you are using Watch Face Converter v 1.0.5 that fixes the Keystore issue.

If that isn’t the issue two things to remember
The keystore path is the .jks file not the folder it is in.

A valid password can contain 6 to 30 characters, begin with an alphabetic character, and use only alphanumeric characters and special characters like Underscore (_), Dollar ($), Pound (#). The password must contain at least one number.

If that fails create the Keystore.jks file with the latest version of GWS.

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I am using v1.0.5. I have located the .jks file and provided a password that meets the criteria. Now I am getting a blank warning but it will not proceed.

What version of GWS did you use to create the TPK you are converting. Be sure to use GWS 2.0 not 2.0.1 Did you use any health or weather tags etc. It only converts very simple watch faces.

Try building a very simple example watch face with just time and graphics no complications and converting the resulting .tpk file and see if that has an error message or converts.

If that converts then it tells me that it isn’t a path or output error.

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So, I loaded GWS 2.0 and built a picture and watch hands watch. This did the same thing.

What is your package name Tizen Studio let a segment start with a number but that isn’t allowed with Android apps.

It must have at least two segments (one or more dots).
Each segment must start with a letter.
All characters must be alphanumeric or an underscore [a-zA-Z0-9_].

Create a new keystore.jks file make sure the country is a 2 character code the other fields can be N/A but the country code is a must it is used for the encoding

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