GWFC warning massage

I tried to convert using GWFC, but the following error is output. please help me…

I moved this to the Galaxy Watch Studio Converter Topic.

Look over all the instructions and limitations on THIS PAGE to be sure that every thing is correct and you don’t have any complications in your GWS project that are not allowed.

The best way is convert a .tpk file is to create a copy of your GWD project and build that copy after ensuring all things not allowed removed.
Be sure when you convert that the .tpk file only has alphanumeric characters and no underscores, hyphens and only one dot. I think that was the reason for this error for another user.

If you aren’t using the GWSC 1.0.5 (September 16th) update to that or you won’t be able to upload to Play Store due to a bug.

Samsung Developer Relations