Time zone map


I would like to create a graphical time zone on a map, showing noon in the world despite the local time and current location.

Something like this:

Can anyone tell me where to start?

Thank you

Hi, I would start with getting full coverage image for day and full image for night.
Then I would make them double length (add half of the loop to each side).
Then I would make them move trough the screen with the placement x coordinate like x+(([HOUR_1_24_MIN]-[TMZN_OFS_WITH_DST]+23)%24)*(image lenght in pixels). Then I would try to make a mask to make the top one of them transparent in the right places.
Just my first thoughts without checking how to work them on the WFS.

Thank you!

I had already tried something similar.
Unfortunately “[TMZN_OFS_WITH_DST]” display a string and not a numeric data.

Try to use (floor([UTC_TS]/1000/3600)%24)


check this site, there are nice examples and links too. it is not directly transferable, but may inspire you.

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Thank you so much ! :blush: