Tizen CA certificates for SSL



  • Sasmsung S3 Gear Frontier
  • Tizen OS

i write an web-app on this device and i get a problem with ssl certificates.
In the application i try to open a websocket connection to another server. Over http (–> ws://) it works fine, but if i try to open the connection over https (–> wss://) i get an error (—> WebSocket connection to ‘wss://xxx.de/xx/xx/xx’ failed: Error in connection establishment:net::ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED)). If i try it in the “Tizen Web Simulator Application” it works fine. So for me is clear, that the device has problems with the certificate.

The certificate is a wildcard let’s encrypt certificate.

So it is possible to update trusted CA certificates on the device or exist a list, which certificates are trusted?

This problem may be already resolved in Tizen Studio 3.7
Check out this post Tizen Studio 3.7 is out and works great with Chrome for debugging

And this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1rEWrk6ETc&feature=youtu.be