Tizen app installation failing

Hello, I am trying to set up a Tizen project for my smart samsung TV, but I am introduced to this problem when attaching the application to the emulator:
app_id[org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV] install failed[118, -12], reason: Check certificate error :
spend time for wascmd is [526]ms|

I’ve generated a new certificate, reconfigured Tizen in visual studio, really out of ideas.
Any help is appreciated, thanks!

I have two ideas
One you are using Tizen Distributor Certificates and not Samsung Tizen Distributor Certificate.

The other is you didn’t set up Developer Mode on your TV correctly . Many people miss the step about restarting your TV after setting Developer Mode.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron! thank you for replying.

I am trying to install the app to my tizen tv emulator which is running on windows with developer mode turned on, also, I generated a Samsung certificate and I am still getting the same issue, any ideas?

7/8/2023 5:10:03 PM : Starting deploying...
7/8/2023 5:10:03 PM : Deploy done...
7/8/2023 5:10:03 PM : Deployment operation was successful!
7/8/2023 5:10:03 PM : Launch mode is NOT debug for AppId:"org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV" (secure protocol)
7/8/2023 5:10:03 PM : Try to terminate running application: org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV
7/8/2023 5:10:03 PM : No application to be terminated: 255
	WARNING: Your data are to be sent over an unencrypted connection and could be read by others.
	pushed org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV-1.0.0.tpk	  0%	      0KB	    0KB/s
	pushed org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV-1.0.0.tpk	100%	    456KB	    0KB/s
	1 file(s) pushed. 0 file(s) skipped.
	D:\Code\VS Community\MediaExplorer\MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV\bin\Debug\tizen60\org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV-1.0.0.tpk   2899KB/s (467311 bytes in 0.157s)
	install org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV
	package_path /home/owner/share/tmp/sdk_tools/org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV-1.0.0.tpk
	app_id[org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV] install start
	app_id[org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV] installing[2]
	app_id[org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV] installing[5]
	app_id[org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV] installing[8]
	app_id[org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV] installing[10]
	app_id[org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV] installing[13]
	app_id[org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV] installing[16]
	app_id[org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV] installing[18]
	app_id[org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV] installing[21]
	app_id[org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV] installing[24]
	app_id[org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV] installing[27]
	app_id[org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV] install failed[118, -12], reason: Check certificate error : 
	spend time for wascmd is [402]ms
7/8/2023 5:10:04 PM : Try to launch application: org.tizen.example.MediaExplorer.Tizen.TV
7/8/2023 5:10:04 PM : Application launched.

This is the entire Tizen output in Visual Studio.

Might be worth mentioning that I cannot run the application in debug mode as it gives me another error:

Do you happen to have Windows 11?

I can’t get the Emulator to work on Windows 11. Someone posted a notice on how to reconfigure Windows 11 DLL so it runs. I can look for that note if you do have Windows 11.

It is a .dll is 64 bit in Windows 11 and the Emulator and Device Manager both require the 32 bit version.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes, I am running Windows 11, I would love it if you gave me a reference to the dll, again, thanks!

Try this thread it may help It is a different initial message but goes on to other things.

I can’t find my notes on the Tizen Device manager and emulator on Windows 11 I’ll continue to look for where I “saved” the note.

Samsung Developer Relations

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