Tizen Studio and Mac OS issues

Currently, Tizen Studio is experiencing problems with macOS Big Sur. If you want to continue using Tizen Studio, do not upgrade your macOS.

Samsung is working diligently on this issue and will post updates if and when information is available.

Thank you for your patience as we resolve the issues.

Ron Liechty
Samsung Developer Program


Tizen Studio development team are aware of this issue and prepared an initial fix already for macOS Big Sur Version. The tentative date is not fixed for this new update but we expect it will be available by the end of this month.

Samsung Developer Program

Any update on this? I’m still unable to use Tizen Studio on my Mac with Big Sur installed.

There has not been any update since the last one. It is expected sometime this month.

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Tizen Studio 4.1 was released with macOS 11.0 support (on x86_64)

Using new Apple Silicon based device here and the installer will not run.

That is correct Tizen Studio only supports 64bit x64 Hardware

Samsung Developer Program

I’m also here to request M1 support.

HI Ace,
You need to request this at Tizen.org platform developers site

Samsung Developer Program

I managed to install tizen-studio on M1 Mac by doing following steps:

  • right click installer.app in Finder, press Show Package Contents
  • enter Contents/Resources/Java
  • unzip tizen-sdk.zip by double clicking
  • copy tizen-sdk/jdk directory into ~/.package-manager/
  • run installer again
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Hello, the 4th step is a bit unclear. I did not get it to work.
Did you get Tizen Studio to actually run or just install?

It installed and ran. You need to manually copy the jdk installation to where installer expects it (/Users/your_username/.package-manager) because this step is what fails in the installer script.

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Great, thank you! Had to disable macOS signing check for lots of libraries provided in the jdk. Then had to manually enable Samsung Certificate package list for download, in Package Manager settings when installed.

How did you disable the signing check?

The “Open Anyway” button, I had to do this for lots of libraries. You can find this page in System Preferences.

I have still yet to actually compile native code (c/c++), it does not seem to work. Tizen Studio and Device Manager launches, though!

I am able to run Tizen Studio (TS) 4.1 in Mac OS Big Sur 11.4.

Initial Problem in installing TS 4.1 -

  • on clicking installer, it’s asking for lots of Mac access for each package which is really frustrating
  • After allowing all packages, the Agreement page is frozen, and no way to move forward.

Solution -

Instead of installing Tizen Studio 4.1 with IDE installer, I choose Tizen Studio 4.1 with CLI(command line interface) installer.

You can follow the installation command from here

1 - Run the .bin file in the terminal where it is downloaded and follow the instructions.

./web-cli_Tizen_Studio_4.1_macos-64.bin --accept-license

2 - Once above command is successful, you can see Tizen Studio folder in Home Directory.


3 - Now go to directory $HOME/tizen-studio/package-manager in terminal

Install Native IDE

./package-manager-cli.bin install --accept-license --no-java-check NativeIDE

4 - Download packages that you need.

./package-manager-cli.bin show-pkgs

I was interested in wearable devices

./package-manager-cli.bin install --accept-license --no-java-check WEARABLE-6.0 WEARABLE-6.0-Emulator WEARABLE-6.0-WebAppDevelopment

5 - Boom, you can see TizenStudio launch icon, double click and click on template

Select the application profile

Mobile, wearable, TV

If the profile is not available, follow point 4.

Note: I also set up JAVA_HOME with version java 15.01 but I am not sure it has anything to do with it.