Tizen Studio - Back up / Keystore / Certs

Hi guys,

I have an app that is “live” (for sale) on the Galaxy Store.
A computer upgrade (need a new laptop) is bound to happen soon.

What do I need to back up from the Tizen Studio?
So that when I install it all again on the new laptop I can still publish “updates” for my app.
Some links to tutorials on how to back things up and restore would be much appreciated.

PS: had the misfortune of having to send an “update” as a “new” app once and do not want to do it again.

Cheers! :+1:

The most important thing to back up (Make more than one copy) is the Author’s certificate and password for it. You can not update any content on the store without that being the same.

Distributor certificates tell the device you are a developer and can be changed (and have to be changed) without any issue. When you upload to the store it is replaced with Samsung as Distributor

I don’t think there is anything in C://Tizen-Studio-Data folder but you can back it up. I think maybe the profiles are updated there. Everything should by default be stored in the USER Folder and that should be backed up routinely as it has all your personal files. If you do have the workspace somewhere else back it up.

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Thank you Ron,

I have backed up the Tizen author cert “cert.p12” and sign “folder” XMLs.
The password for the keystore is safely stored in a 3rd party password manager.

But, how do you restore it and correctly use it before submitting an update?
I used the same .p12 but when submitting the Galaxy Store “not the same cert” or something like that.

I had to submit the app as a “new app” and I still dealing with many less than happy customers.


It could also have been you had a Tizen distributor certificate and a Samsung distributor Certificate in the same profile That messes things up when you upload to the store.

to use the author certificate create a new Profile and it will ask if I want a new or existing Author’s certificate
New Profile

It could also have been when you did an update.

  • package ID is not same thing as file name. Package ID must remain same across all updates. when you build Leave that alone!
  • version number = - CHANGE it for each new version, and make sure the newer one has a higher number.
  • once you build your project you will have a XXXXXX.tpk file - rename it directly through your file explorer, because file name MUST be different for each uploaded binary.

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Hi @r.liechty_SDP

Thanks for that, hopefully I will get it right next time.

On a side note; is there any chance you can have a look at my ticket? ( #32379 )
I believe that the person that replied to me did not read what I wrote at all.

Questions are:

  1. How do I ensure that the GPS is turned on using the webapi?
  2. How do I turn off auto-detection of workouts (webapis)?
  3. How do I free memory / close recent apps programmatically (avoid app to quit unexpectedly) [webapi]?


Either that is in a request that I don’t have visibility for or you asked it in the Tizen web site. Did you try looking for a solution in Github?


Can you please point me to the GitHub repo?

I thought that “ham.start(‘GPS’)” would throw an exception or give back an error if the Location is switched off on the watch; does not seem to be the case.

Thank you very much.