Tizen Studio does not work on latest Mac system

Hi, sorry if this is the wrong forum, but we used Tizen Studio to write watch app.

Tizen Studio does not work on macOS 11 beta 1 (which is just released). The app can be launched but no windows come out.

Yes, I know this is our problem as we are also Mac developer. But if anybody got any idea to help us solved the issue we will really appreciate it. Right now we have to wait till the issues solved to write apps for Galaxy Watch again.

As you understand there is no support for Mac OS 11 beta. But I’d suggest you download Java JRE 8 and install it and add that path to your GWD info file See FAQ #5 for more information.

You may want to consider a second computer if you want to beta test any OS update.

Samsung Developer Program

Thanks for the help. Yes, it is entirely our mistake, and we really appreciate any help we can get.

Unfortunately currently do not have a second computer for testing right now. :frowning: