App not working on Premium S2 Watch

I’m making a Tizen web app for the Samsung Watch, and both times I’ve tried submitting it, I get the same error. It seems it isn’t running on “Gear S2 - Premium Galaxy.” It works on other watches, including mine. It uses the bezel for some of its functionality, but I did add touch substitutes.
So what’s going on?? Thanks.

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If you are developing for Tizen 3.x (or later) you have to manually deselect any Gear S2 combination when submitting the app as those are still on Tizen 2.x. This is a known issue with the Seller Portal.

I had the same problem.
Solution, do it while submiting the app:

  • Click in “Binary”;
  • Add the binary file (Click save on the modal that opened);
  • Click on " Selected Device(s)";
  • On the field “Please enter the device group name.” type “Gear S2” [type exactly like that];
  • Then unselect the option “Select All”;
  • Click on “Save”;
  • Finish registering your app, then submit…