Touch area stops working after some hours

Hey, I got a weird issue. I created a custom watchface with a touch area + a custom Wear OS app. I added the app ID to the touch area action to automatically open the app on touch. All of this works great during testing. However after some hours / days the touch area suddenly stops opening the app and does nothing. I have to redeploy the watchface for it to work again.

Could it somehow be related to the wireless debugging? Is there some security feature preventing opening custom apps after some time when not debugging?

Thx in advance!

WearOS (OS 4.0)
One UI Watch 5


My guess is it Google Play Services which automatically “optimizes” apps deleting the cache or something.

Just a guess but that is what it does.

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@r.liechty_SDR Thx for the quick reply. :slight_smile:

But is the app cache should related to the app functionality? Maybe since the app (watchface) is in the background, the system is pausing it somehow?

As I said I was guessing. Did you try selecting a different watch face then going back and see if the App ID is reset that way?

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Hello, just out of curiosity, does it do the same if you attach another app to the touch area action?

I will test that the next time I am near the watch (not mine) and give an update. :slight_smile:

What I can say is that switchting the watch face (and switching back) / deleting all others does not help. Same with opening the app or interacting with the watch face in any other way. Only redeploying works.

What I will test the next time:

  • Checking if a touch area with a calendar app also breaks
  • Testing an official watch face with the app (Hopefully I can define my custom app here)

Thx already. Still open for any other hints. ^^

All I can think of is it is the app itself that closes. I know there are things like music players that will auto close after a certain time.

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