App Wearable does not allow customization of the watch face

Hi All!

I would like to know if there is any news regarding the bug on the Wearable app which sometimes does not allow the customization of the watch face (it closes unexpectedly after the spinning circle).

I still get complaints from users on this side. This issue especially appears when a watch face has several customizations.

We also talked about it here:

Thank you !


I still have this issue on watchfaces I made with more images as styles of the layer.

I have tried to reduce use of image layers to less that 5 in each style but this still makes me restricted and i cannot add customization options as much as i want to.

It stops and hinders and restricts creativity and too many users who want to customize from wearable app rather than watch only so i have to reduce customization options because of it


I have been complaining about this problem for a long time. On January 12, I had contacted the Samsung team and asked about the status of the problem.

Their answer was as follows:

Sorry for the inconvenience.
We have tested your watch face on our device. But we can’t reproduce the issue. We attached some images after customizing from the wearable app. Please check.

Our tested environment:
Watch Software version: R890XXU1FVBI
Watch Wear core services:
Galaxy Wearable Version
Galaxy Watch4 Manager

We also communicate with the respective team regarding your issue. The issue was resolved for the latest Watch binary, as previously mentioned this was a Google Wearable Core Services issue. Please check if your watch has the latest binary or not. And as you mentioned your users complaining that can be possible that your users are not with the latest binary.

If your issue remains please share your watch binary version with us. If possible please share a video and your watch Dumpstate log.

Looking forward to your response.

(Unfortunately, I was not able to create the dumpstat log because it was not possible to create it on my smartphone.)

I have been monitoring the problem since then and have not received any negative feedback from customers.

On my wearable app I only noticed that I sometimes have to try 2 times until everything is loaded. Additionally, customizing is extremely slow.

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Yes, even on my side after 2 or 3 (or 4) attempts you can access the customization.

Sometimes it works without problems, other times not.

Unfortunately there is always some end user who does not understand certain things and deserves only a Casio from the 80s instead of a smart watch. There are those who write “it doesn’t happen on other watch faces” without understanding how things really are.

However, the user experience can be bad.


Yeah any 1-star rating due to problems we didn’t cause is so incredibly frustrating.


HI Matteo,

Yes I get it on your watch face as well as my test watch face frequently. It only happens in the Wearable App and not on the Watch itself.
Anyone know if this happen on watches other than Samsung?

Anyway they pushed a new Software update and maybe that fixes it (I said hopefully). If not report it to Developer Support as a watch issue and mention it is really a Wearable App issue. Any screen shots would be useful.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hello everyone, the problem is still relevant even after the last update, users constantly complain about this, I remember when I bought the new Galaxy Watch 4 it was at the start of sales of such a problem, everything was perfectly configured through the application on the smartphone.

Report it to technical support as an issue for the Wearable app. If you have any screen shots please attach them.

You can also report it via Members App if it happens to you.