Trial function not working anymore?

I have some trial faces made with GWS, but this year I had soo many complaints and 1* reviews regarding the Trial function, customers complain that the trial expires immediately and they cannot test the watchface. Is there something wrong with the trial function? Should we stop using it? All these are older faces, made 1-2 years ago.

Some user feedback:
“Didn’t allow me to try for 5 minutes before it said the 1 hour trial was up! Didn’t get to see any features so uninstalled straight away. Very disappointing”

“Didn’t get to try for an hour!”

“Lasted 10 mins and wanted me to buy it! Rubbish”

“Trial lasted 60 seconds and then was unable to purchase it. Very disappointing.”

You may want to updated the watch faces for a longer trial period it sounds like they may have changed from 60 minutes to the next hour for the timeout.

I’ll check with the store operations team and see if they have any information. You can open a one on one support request on the seller portal. I don’t know of any changes in the way the try and buy works.

I’ll let you know if I hear of anything.

Samsung Developer Relations