UI 6 update and Apps I write

Everything prior to the UI6 update was fine.

Now, deploying any app I write, on the first run ONLY, I get a message "All state a message upon launching that “this app isn’t compatible with the latest version of android. Check for an update or contact the app’s developer.”. Tap OK and the apps run fine. Close the app, open again, it runs fine, no message.

Only the first run, with a clean install.

Any one?

In the thread Something went wrong with app the developer got the same error message.

He resolved it.

Samsung Developer Relations

Different message. Mine is from the phone, the app is not in Google yet.

This is direct deployment to the phone from the development environment via USB

My guess is it is a permission of some sort I suggest you open a Developer Support request and they can help you.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi @toddfrankson , i have the same problem with my app, have you found a solution?

It seems that Android updated to 64 bit and I was attempting to run a 32 bit app.
Compile you app for 64 bit and sideload it.

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