Unable to Create Samsung Certificate in Tizen Studio

After uninstalling Tizen Studio 3.3 and updating to Tizen Studio 3.5, I re-created my Samsung Certificate so I can install and test my Native app on a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Try an older version of Samsung Certificate Extension
Steps to use older extension:

  • Uninstall “Samsung Certificate Extension” from the Package Manager, and delete the “org.tizen.common.cert_xxxxxxxxxxx.jar” from {TIZEN-STUDIO}/tools/certificate-manager/plugins if added manually
  • In Package Manager open “Configuration” -> “Extension SDK”
  • Turn off the “Samsung Certificate Extension”
  • Add a new extension named “Samsung cert old” and set the Repository to : https://developer.samsung.com/sdk-manager/repository/tizen-certificate-extension_2.0.31.zip and click on Ok
  • Install the “Samsung Certificate Extension” from Package Manager
  • Open certificate-manager and create a Samsung certificate
  • An older version(2.0.31) of the extension should be installed.

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