Tizen Studio 3.6, galaxy watch fails install, emu works

Macintosh imac Sierra 10.12.6
Trying to install on galaxy watch. Designer works. Tizen studio installs and works. Developer mode on on galaxy watch (tap tizen sw ver 5 times) Created certificate using the certificate manager. Author certificate is “verified by: Tizen Developers CA. Expires on 2026/12/31”

Got invalid certificate error. Went to extension sdk. Samsung certificate extension Activation is “OFF” tried to turn on. Received “Cannot connect the download URL of the target.”

Tried following, “Unable to Create Samsung Certificate” post and error is “Cannot connect the download URL of the target.” when trying to download.

Downloaded 2.0.31 zip file, installed. recreated certificate. got same error.

Any suggestions?

Dump of remote debug included below:

Launching the Tizen application…

If you want to see the detailed information,

please set the logging level to DEBUG in Preferences and check the log file in ‘/Users/xxx/tizen-studio-data/ide/logs/ide-20200310_142247.log’.

[Deploying the package…]
RDS: Off
[Creating the package…]
Created the package: /Users/xxx/tizen-workspace/Test1UI/Debug/org.example.test1ui-1.0.0-arm.tpk
[Transferring the package…]
Transferred the package: /Users/xxx/tizen-workspace/Test1UI/Debug/org.example.test1ui-1.0.0-arm.tpk -> /home/owner/share/tmp/sdk_tools/tmp
[Installing the package…]
path is /home/owner/share/tmp/sdk_tools/tmp/org.example.test1ui-1.0.0-arm.tpk
start process (install)

error : -12
error message: :Non trusted certificate is used. Register valid certificate:<-32>
end process (fail)
processing result : Check certificate error [-12] failed
spend time for pkgcmd is [1368]ms
(5.695 sec)

I apologize for answering my own post, but since the answer is NOT in this forum, I will give the answer. The answer came from stack overflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40790473/deploying-tizen-app-to-gear-s2-non-trusted-certificate-is-used

Note that Galaxy watches require use of Tizen 4.0, so don’t use the 5.x packages.

The standard install of Tizen Studio 3.6 is slightly broken, at least for Macintosh… The Samsung Certificate Extension package is not installed. You must go to Tools -> Package Manager. Then Click on the text “Extension SDK” and then scroll down in the window to the “Samsung Certificate” extension and install it. Quit Tizen studio and relaunch, just to be safe.

Then, go to Tools -> Certificate Manager and click on the “+”. the “Select the type of certificate profile” screen will now be shown. DO NOT CLICK ON TIZEN. Click on “Samsung”. Use default selection “Mobile / Wearable” then use default create now certificate profile. Then accept default “create a new author certificate”, then add author name and a new password for this file. Allow the same password to be used for both the author and distributor certificates.

Then you are prompted to sign into your Samsung account. Once you do that, you are taken to a congratulation screen. Click next. Next you create a new distributor certificate. At this point you will be given a screen where the “Add individual DUIDs*” is blank.

To get this screen to show something, switch over to the Tizen studio and run Tools -> device Manager.

Note. This will NOT work If your watch is not ready for development. Make sure your watch has Wifi enabled, has debugging on, and you have tapped on the watch’s software version text 5 times to enable developer mode. You will have to search for that on google if you haven’t already.

Once you have the Device manager screen showing, then click on the middle icon on the left that looks like a phone connected to a computer with dots. get your watches IP from the watch’s setting -> Wifi, click on the connected SSID text, then rotary down to the ip. You can create a watch profile by clicking on the + sign and entering a made up name and the watch ip. The port is the default port (26101).

Then click the on/off button. It will always fail the first time. Click it again, and if it stays selected, you are good. If it does not select, then you can use your phone to set up a wifi hotspot, have your watch and your computer connect to this hotspot. This usually works, as the latency is very low.

Once your connection shows on, you can go back to the device type screen on the Create Certificate profile, and you should have the first row filled, with a garbage can next to it. Click Next and your certificate will be created.

This certificate should be active and allow you to download to your Galaxy Watch.

I was writing the answer when yours showed up. This is actually a pretty common question and detailed in the Tizen Studio documentation and in the old forum.

I’m glad you got an answer and yes the instructions changed a bit with the latest release of Tizen Studio
By the way you can use the older Tizen version SDK for tizen 4 it is backwards compatible but you may need newer Tizen Version for some API’s

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