Unable to generate distribution certificate

I had to pair my Samsung Gear S3 (8C9B) smartwatch with a new phone (Samsung S23).
During the pairing process, the Gear S3 was resetted to factory settings.
When restoring from backup, all watchfaces created by me with GWD 1.6.0 were not restored.
Having kept the source project (gwd file) of each one, I tried to rebuild (F10) and then execute “Run on Device” (F9), but received the following error message:

Evidently the distribution certificate stored in the keystore is not good, so I tried to regenerate it, but when I have to enter the login credentials for the Samsung account, the login form is not displayed and therefore I cannot proceed.

I read that GWD’s internal browser no longer supports Internet Explorer and that a different default browser should be set.

I have rotated all the browsers installed on my Windows 10 PC (Firefox, Chrome, Edge) but the login form is never displayed.

I have many watchfaces made by me that cost me a lot of work and I wouldn’t want to lose them just because I had to change my phone.

Thanks in advance for your help.

There is a solution but it isn’t easy.
See this Topic.

Samsung Developer Relations