Distribute Certificate is blank

Hi guys, I bought a Watch 6 because i heard you can make your own watch faces, etc. Anyway I made my own watch face to match my strap, I spent ages in photoshop creating each element but now that I am ready to upload to my watch it wont let me request a device profile.

The screen where the login should be is completely blank. It is seeing the device but I cannot get any further.

Is this application dead?

I think your are using the wrong software to create your watch face… for the watch 4, 5 and 6 you should use the Watch Face Studio (WFS)… here’s the link

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On first you need pair and connect your watch to PC. Then you can build certificate

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Once you have Watch Face Studio and you can run your watch directly on your watch without building or you can publish (build) your watch. When you start that you create a key and a key alias which accomplishes the same as Samsung Author and Distributor keys.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Wow yep. Totally using the wrong software haha I was using GWS not WFS. My bad. Just set it up and its all working.
Thanks for your responses guys.

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