Unable to open the emulator manager in mac

I am developing web application for samsung tv. in Mac OS 11.4 and mac OS 10.14.6, got error both the versions of Mac in opening emulator manager

I installed the tizedn sdk as mentioned in the docs, but I am unable to open the emulator manager. getting the error , attached the error screenshot with this reply.

Then I tried to open the emulator manager from the tizen studio rather than opening standalone, that time I got this error , see the below image

sometime when i try to open the emulator manager standalone, I got this type of error also see the image below

/When I click ReOpen , i got the below error
Screenshot 2021-08-29 at 15.27.25

even When I installed the Tizen studio for the first time, I got lot of warnings for installing each component, every time , I allowed the installation from my MAC OS system preferences. Is that causing any issue.

But the good thing I am seeing one emulator in the tizen studio, which I am using it without any config, If that was not there, my development experience would have been much bad.

My package manager screenshot

Thanks in advance for the help.