Unable to push connecton "ON" in device manager

Steps so far, have created an Author Certificate

I have enabled Developer Mode on my Samsung Frame TV in app.

I device manager when I get to the step for connecting to a tv I can only see one TV (I have two samsung TVs), yet when I attempt to push the remote device manager button to “ON” I get an error message (remote connection already connected, non standard port, no ip address.

I am on the same wireless network (5 GHz). Any help?

Check the content: https://developer.samsung.com/sdp/blog/en/2021/04/12/remote-device-manager-an-easy-way-to-launch-your-application-with-tizen-studio

This content is for watches but the problem is similar. So this part " Some helpful tips for connecting your device with the Remote Device Manager" may help you with some idea.