User unable to reinstall app they have purchased

I had a (Tizen watch) app for sale until about two months ago (it’s no longer for sale, but is working fine for those who have purchased it). A user who has purchased the app is now (after a watch reset) unable to reinstall the app because the app isn’t available for them any more in the store (even though they had purchased it). That seems very hostile to users who just want to reinstall what they had paid for. What’s the reason for not letting them reinstall the app? And what’s the solution to letting them reinstall the app they had purchased when it was on sale?

Purchased apps (even coupon purchases) if suspended can still be downloaded from the store. However, they don’t appear in the store when searching. At one time show in the store after you purchased them, but I think they changed that.

Open Galaxy Store
Click on Menu in the lower right hand corner
Click on My Apps
Click on Watch
All purchases should be listed. When I checked Free were showing but Free may not be showing if the content was suspended. I’m not sure on that.

The only exception to this would be if your content was terminated by you the seller or it it was terminated by the Seller Portal for some special reason.

Samsung Developer Relations