Watch face not available for user who bought it

Hi, one user contacted me today that he bought watch face from me but he is not able to use it. My watch face is built for Tizen 4.0 and he has Samsung Gear S3 so compatibility should not be an issue. Does any of you have any idea what the problem could be?

Hi Lucy,

Need more information by what he means by can not use it. It may be something entirely different than your watch face. For example when memory gets full it will remove older unused watch faces from the watch. Gear S3 doesn’t have the memory that newer devices have.

He may not have applied the Tizen 4 update and still running Tizen 3. You can rebuild for Tizen 3 and update your watch in the store. But I don’t think the store would let him download it if it wasn’t compatible.

Samsung Developer Team

Hi Ron,

yeah, I asked the guy to give me more information and in the mean time I sent him some suggestions Mr. Google provided. Like how to find bought watch face in the Galaxy Store or that sometimes people see prices at watch faces they already bought, that he just needs to click on it and it should start downloading. Something worked because I just got a replay that the problem is solved. So he is happy, I am happy and the topic can be closed. :smiley: