I wish a better support channel for us Theme Designers

I wish a better support channel for us Theme Designer. We all have so many Problems to get Themes approved about Issues, which we can’t fix with Theme Tool. But the Validation Team will reject the Themes.

The actually Support Channel is not the best, always Submit a Ticket, share Binary File, Project File, Screenshots, Certification File. I think it will a better Eco System if we all can be in Group to get in Touch with the Developers directly. Like a WhatsApp Group, Hangout or a Direct Developer Theme Designer Chat App from Samsung, maybe also direct for Validation Team?

Or a extra Forum like the Beta Forum from Android 9 / 10?

I think this better and we can provide Issue faster and maybe they can be faster solved.

It would be nice and we’ve been asking for a while. The best we’ve been able to do is create a Facebook group for developers and the group is helpful in resolving issues, especially for newer dev’s.

You can find the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/300275587420135/

And you’re right about the Seller office and their immediate rejection of any question. I kicked myself because I asked them last week why they were testing on devices removed from the binary list, and they asked for the STP and APK… the first sign of madness is asking the same question expecting a different answer :frowning:

I am hoping that this discussion board will become more active, it was fairly active a year ago but then started drifting off. It is much better to discuss things on the official forum than a third party where Samsung is unaware of the depth of the problems.

I believe one of the reasons for going to an online tool was so they could resolve these issues much more quickly.

There is now a Seller Portal Forum and I will make a report to the Seller Portal on issues of rejections if there isn’t any active Seller Portal representative. Hopefully they will be more effective about errors the designer has no control over.

You might want to add something along this line in the Feature Requests for Theme.

Samsung Developer Program

I had excat the same. They test Themes on Galaxy Fold, but I unchecked all binary for Galaxy Fold. I ask them why they did it Test on unchecked Binary Files.

The answer was provide us the STP and Binary File. What does these 2 file have to do with my question. Nothing

The Online Tool get with each new Update more Issue and make Themes to get approved unable. Also is it really slower as the PC Version and for Project create Binary File you need to be online. That’s the wrong way.