How to install Tizen SDK for Visual Studio on mac?

Hi, I have problem with installing Tizen SDK for Visual Studio on Mac. I already have installed Tizen.NEt and I need install Tizen SDK with Samsung Certificate Manager. When I click install - choose folder - downloading package - instalation failed. No error, just “Download successful but could not Launch the installer”. I don’t know if it is problem with my Mac (M1) or something else? I try google it, but apparently I am the only one who wants develop Tizen + Xamarin .NET C# wearable application on Visual Studio 2019 for mac M1.

Try also download from Index of /sdk/Installer/Latest/ - open and nothink happend. No error, no install.

You can go through the following documents regarding the prerequisite and installation guide.

Also please check the following issue reported in the GitHub. I think this might help you.