Watch 3, animation stops after some seconds

Hello, i got some complaints for one of my animated watch face, the problem is that after a few seconds the animation stops. I do not own a watch 3 at the moment so i am not able to check it myself. The problem appears only with the watch 3.

This is a link to the watch face in case you want to check it.

For now i have removed the binaries for the watch 3 devices.

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Hello, if you want to do tests I recommend you to use the Samsung remote test lab service, at the moment the Gear S3, Gear Sport and the Galaxy Watch are available, in this way you can test and see if the problem occurs in these watches.
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You should submit this as a support request and include a simple GWS project with the animation.

They can check it and determine if it is a GWS but or something in the Galaxy Watch3

Samsung Developer Program

I will, i keep getting complains only from Watch 3 users i will remove all my binaries from the watch 3 section it seems there is something wrong with the older watch faces?

I tried support but i don’t think they understood the problem because they want me to sent them log files with the errors and screenshots. I cannot do this because to me it’s working as it should, the problem seems to be only with the Watch 3 devices according to the complaints i got. I cannot verify or fix the error because i do not own a Watch 3.

I did supply them with the GWS file of the watch face but they asked for log files and screenshots.

I have now removed all the watch 3 support in the binary devices. for most of the watch faces that have animation or weather data (according to user complains the watch can’t retrieve weather data as well)

Anyhow, i don’t know if it’s just me or others faced the same problem.