Watch face not loading all assets

New user here, I’ve designed a watchface in an attempt quite similar to the one displayed in Goldeneye. I’ve used the one that already exists, however, I wanted an analogue version.

I’ve created it, and added battery, goal complications and two animations.

When I build and push it to the watch I have, Galaxy Watch 3 (UAE), it only loads the index and hands of the watch. Further, I’ve made an always on face for it and that loads correctly too, (hands only).

Is there something I’m missing when beginning the project? Or is there a more up to date version of the GWD software?

Hi @PyonPyonCal,

It is difficult to say what is wrong without investigating the watch face. Please share some screenshots if possible. On the other hand, please use the latest version of Galaxy Watch Studio (v2.0.0) if you have the old one.

If you want a 1 - 1 support to investigate and resolve the issue, submit a developer support request here and attach the gwd file along with some screenshots.


Hey @azad,

Thanks for the reply.

Currently I’m running Version 2.0.0, however, it seems to not have the option to simulate for GW3 just yet. I’ve attached what the design should look like, versus what actually loads on the watch.

The battery is the orange complication on the left and the step goal is the blue complication on the right. The green in between the hands and the index is a static image, which doesn’t load. There is a hexagon pattern animation that is an attempt to make the screen “flicker” each hour/when the watch wakes up.

Half way through replying, I realized what the slight green line on the right of the watch face was. The second animation I have, has the first image not set as a blank frame, meaning that the animation was loading prematurely and blocking out all the other assets.

Watchface Design

Hi @PyonPyonCal,
Did it resolve your problem?