Watch face exceeds memory usage: let's clarify

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I was not able to upload a new watch face to the Google Play Store using WFS 1.5.7 without getting the memory error. Where are we at right now with this issue?

I just came across this post (Notice of new version 1.5.7 (Aug 17th, 2023) and memory limit change) and I really hope that this error won’t pop up again.

It is fixed (somewhat)

Memory Usage - Watch Face Format WO-P8
“Assets do not exceed the memory budget of 10 MB in ambient mode, and 100 MB in interactive mode.

That means you will probably not be able to use every image or complication in the Ambient mode and I’m not sure how to check that. The WFS team is looking into how to check the sizes or increase the AoD mode.

See this Wear Guide

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Hi, i have the same problem watch face exceeds the memory budget.
My opinion is that google refers to the ram memory which naturally consumes too much and the battery goes down.
Maybe google have a tool for ram monitor.
I have watch face studio 1.4.20, the watch face aab have 4,66mb

If anyone find the right solution please post a guide how to fix this thanks.

The requirements changed at the end of August but apparently no one told the reviewers. I gather it is hit or miss if you watch face is passed.

it is now 100 MB active watch and 10MB for AOD so check that you have minimal if any complications nd images in the AOD mode and resubmit and hope you get a better reviewer.

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My AOD is only black and white no images.


I see a few that are now being passed so hopefully yours will on a resubmission. You can put a note saying you feel you are below the new 100 MB limit.

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Just a note : Cannot add notes to reviewers on Play Console… They are not as advanced as Seller Portal was…

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Hi, i might push my design to google play. But is there a way to fine out memory used when run
So that we can tweek our design to meet the budget before review? Or there is a collaration to size of images etc…

I.e if all my raw images used is less then the memory budget in size. It should be ok? Text usually is 1 btyes in memory?

Only thing i can find is this on my watch


Apparently you can with Pixel watch but I don’t think the emulator does that. This was also brought up in the discussions with Play Store.

I wish I had a better answer. it would be nice to have an analyzer in WFS I’ll add that as a suggestion


I can’t figure out what is making me get this same memory usage error. I’ve even removed parts of my watch face AFTER rebuilding the watchface in the latest WFS program. This is really discouraging and google gives lame half-baked answers.

What exactly makes the memory usage go up? I think I’ve gutted my watchface enough.

I had the same mistake and reduced all of my graphics

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I started them at 450 x 450 at 300 dpi. What method did you use to reduce your graphics?

I also have this problem, I can’t update the old watch face and place new ones… :frowning: I don’t want to remove the functionality in the watch face, then it will not be interesting and not functional for users…

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There are several .png optimization tools such as pngquant that can dramatically reduce the size of a .png file over 70% There is a plugin for Photoshop.

The issues for memory seems to be with the AOD now. Don’t have any or very few complications and few graphics. As I understand it the reviewers are using the new 100MB Active / 10MB AOD memory usage guideline

We have a request in for the WFS team to have an analyzer for memory use same as OPR for AOD

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Just don’t update. We need to stay with WFS 1.3.X until Google fixes that 10MB AOD stupidity in 2023


I don’t know what’s going on there, but they still don’t seem to like the size of the version number.

I have updated several watch faces with 10MB 8MB and 3MB and it is strange that so few faces that are not the largest are rejected. And there is no animation. And those who reject it have the same explanation. Appends an area with a version number. Attached is a picture.

I’m writing this because I submitted two identical dials. Only the colors differ. Both have the same size of 3.78MB and rejected one because of this error area. The other was accepted.

It seems that whether or not your app gets approved depends on the testers. Who checks them. One is checking. Others do not check. Someone likes to get attached to every detail. It should be shown that they are working. Well, something like that.

By the way. To avoid corrupting the clock face file with WFS 1.5.7. Open the program file (.wfs) from the build folder, not through WFS 1.5.7,. The watch will open without errors and will not need to be repaired. If only to improve.

The reason for rejection isn’t the version code, but this mysterious memory budget.
The part of the report you highlighted just serves to show where the issue is (useful only if you have multiple releases, like a watch face and a companion app).
It doesn’t show what is the issue. The “what” is above it - “Your watch face exceeds the memory budget.

It’s just like Google to provide the absolute minimum information on the issue, followed by unhelpful copy/paste responses, if you try to appeal.

If another identical watch face was accepted as you say, try submitting again and hope that it reaches a better tester. :sweat_smile:

Both the approval and later communication with their support does seem to depend a lot on who you end up reaching, that’s the most frustrating part.
Some rare ones know what they’re doing, but sadly most just seem to respond with copy/paste answers from a very limited list, and dismiss/reject anything else.


The asset memory issue is not the .aab file but the memory footprint when it is running. Apparently they can see this in a Pixel watch. I think like you they have not fully gotten the message that the the size increased.

This is probably the same as Samsung, they have only prepared replies to use that are cleared by the higher-ups and maybe legal. They have to use the closest one to the actual issue. At least Samsung sends you a video so you can actually see what the problem is.

I’ll send a note to Catherina and see if she can get more information. Bottom line is Wear 4 API 33 requires a bigger memory size to fulfill the requirements.

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Good afternoon. But how do you explain it? Two identical programs with different colors were sent. Both were the same size. One was accepted and the other was rejected.

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