Are my watch faces only visible to samsung devices?


I have been told by many people that they cannot find my watch faces on the store with their non samsung phones. When i register an application i select the supported binaries depending if they are tizen 4 or 3.

Do i have to something different so my watch faces will be visible for non samsung phones?

Go to the Seller store and check your binaries and make sure all new phone/Watch combinations are updated for the binaries. Exclude Gear S 2 only.

Galaxy Watch owners with iPhones can only see free devices on their phones.
Most all Android mobile users with the Samsung Wear App can see all devices but not Gear S2 owners as GWS doesn’t create S2 devices any longer.

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I have selected all the supported devices for the binaries. But i can only see samsung devices, the problem is with non samsung devices, they can’t find my watch faces even when they search it by name.

I have had people with various non samsung phones telling me that they can’t find the watch face and even when they claim a coupon they get redirected on the watch face and then they get a message that the watch face is not found.

I’ll send you a private message for more information. I don’t want to violate any privacy.

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