Watch Face Studio 1.5.7 (BETA)

I think they said there was no Large Image complications were you going to create one?

There is a Ranged Value for Large Box in WFS 1.5.7. Is the small box necessary?


LARGE_IMAGE / PHOTO_IMAGE was here in WFS 1.3.13 and now it’s completely missing (from 1.4.20 upwards). I can’t update some of my apps which were using it.

Large Box does not have SHORT_TEXT. We just want SHORT_TEXT & RANGED_VALUE together without need to use Circle Slot…

There is absolutely no reason to not include every combination. Everything is there, prepared. I think RANGED_VALUE should be definitely added to Small Box. Other combinations mentioned too.

Some gallery apps like Muzei already provide LARGE_IMAGE (PhotoImageComplicationData)

See here.

If it’s core part of Wear OS, then it should be also in WFS, and it was there, but it was removed with 1.4.20. I think it should be listed within Large Box slot.

And yes, I already have one app too, not posting link, only screenshot

Thanks AmoledWatchfaces. RANGED_VALUE included with the Small Box is also what I want!

I hope that request is heard for the stable release.

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I understand now. you want a small box that also has Ranged Value as a supported complication type since you can’t “square” the slot bound.

Samsung Developer Relations

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That is correct! Yes!

I got a reply today:

About your feature requests. Our respective team shared their findings please from below:

  1. LARGE_IMAGE : There is no system provider for LARGE_IMAGE complication and many applications don’t support LARGE_IMAGE complication now. That 's the reason why we didn’t add LARGE_IMAGE complication in the latest WFS version.
  1. RANGED_VALUE: When we changed the concept of complication slot, we considered each type and its proper shape. So all types don’t include all type in complication slot. If designer want to use Ranged value type, can use Large box for linear progress and Circle for circular progress.
    We think Ranged value complication type is not matched to Small box complication shape. For SHORT_TEXT, this is for short text, so designer can use Circle shape and Small box.

I’ve provided them with somehow more detailed explanation so hopefully they’ll reconsider it. If we have everything already included in the WFS code, I don’t know why not to have every type in every complication slot.


Thanks and please, they need to consider our request. Because it can limit design creativity with the complications areas overlapping each other!

Hi all. I noticed such a tank, it appeared after installing the beta. When setting up custom complications in the studio (Changing the font of turning off icons and sizes), they crash on the clock. Let’s say I chose Line disabled the icon and Title. Changed the font and size of the TEXT collected the dial and filled it in the clock. The title icon appears in the clock and the TEXT size and font becomes the default. I don’t know how to win. Maybe someone has come across this? Reverting to a non-beta version doesn’t help.
What I do in the program

What happened screen from the clock
What am I doing wrong?

Are you setting the complication type and then narrowed removed the other options.
You may need to make this fixed and not editable. If it does come down to that you are better off using Tags and creating a much more interesting progress bar.

Let me know if that changes

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks for the tip. You just need to remove the extra values. Everything is working

I try to use photo complication, with wfs watch face small photo complication. For backgrounds face photo
But the image come out pixelated? Why? @amoledwatchfaces

WFS team have removed LARGE_IMAGE complication in WFS 1.4.20. Reason was ‘because this provider is not widely used’. I don’t know why they decided to remove something which is completely optional and should be part of any watch face design decisiton.

You’re getting blurry background because you’re most probably using SMALL_IMAGE for it.

@sinjae , maybe it would be good to bring back LARGE_IMAGE complication in the next WFS version.


Dont know if i can say it here…but with the same complication. Using another app “photo native complication” from google play. I dont get the blur image. Wonder what different in there code. But there got synchronisation issue to from phone to watch…(hit and miss)


It’s because In my app, I’m downscaling image when SMALL_IMAGE is used so it won’t look pixelated when applied in some small let’s say 92x92 complication box.

That app you’re talking about is most probably not doing it so SMALL_IMAGE appears good when it’s 450x450 square but bad when 92x92. But, as I wrote above, SMALL_IMAGE is not supossed to be 450x450 square, that’s why it was unfortunate from WFS to remove LARGE_IMAGE support.

You can test it by creating watch face in WFS 1.3.13 and using LARGE_IMAGE, Image from my app will look ‘OK’ :slight_smile:

I tried with the other app…default small image size…no blur still look good.

I guess it because my actual image is 450 x 450…
So i think if u leave the image as it but do normal resize to slot size…u would not have pixelated image

As in no default size but base on slot size…then its up to designed to keep the image to resolution they want?

Two things that don’t make sense:

  1. SMALL_IMAGE used for Photo Complications when there is clearly LARGE_IMAGE from Google for this purpose:
    Complications | Wear | Android Developers

  2. When you add SMALL_IMAGE of max size (450x450) user can still choose all other small image complications like app shortcuts etc.

That’s why I’ll not be changing my app to use unscaled image. I’m implementing everything based on Google recommendations. Actually, because of this unfortunate WFS change, I’m not able to update some of my watch faces which were using LARGE_IMAGE slot.

But will they? If no used for share big image option except as a background? Anyway with large_image users can do the same? If can what the differences?

Hi Ron, since the last beta update, the program is not connecting to my watch 4. Is this a beta version bug or I have another problem. I tried to revoke to older version but but this problem still exist. Thanks

What last beta update? WFS 1.5.7 or a system update?

Connecting to Wear 4 is much different but WFS 1.5.7 should be the same connect process. The only thing I noticed is that you need to OK file transfer and that took quite a while almost a minute before it showed on my watch 5 Pro Once you say don’t ask again it is OK

You may have to revoke all permissions to make it show again.

turn on ADB in Developer Options
Set for Wifi debugging
note the IP address it should be followed by :5555 if it isn’t then let me know


Hey Everyone!

I’d like to request a feature but I don’t know if it’s been brought up or suggested before. Anyway, I’m trying to replicate a watch face with a tourbillon attached to its hour hand.

I was initially thinking of setting an Image Sequence or an AGIF/Webp as an Analog Hand > Hour. However, when I tried it displayed an “Unable to add Invalid Format” error.

Infinite thanks if there’s a way to make it possible in a future update in one form or another.