Watch Face Studio Feature Requests 3rd Quarter 2022

I believe opacity set to 0 is not equal to “hidden / not used” element. Element with opacity 0 set via tag expression consumes more resources than two same elements (one turned on in AOD, one in Active state).

Adding this would be great though :slight_smile:

OK, but if you use complications (short_text, long_text… etc), you can use only one complication for active and AOD mode, not alone for active and AOD

Complications are not refreshed 99% of the time in AOD mode because of battery saving features of Wear OS. Keeping complications in AOD is only a visual preference. They are not really useful there.

I know, but only for visual sometime is good

Good point. So another one:

Option to Activate/Deactivate element based on conditions.

I actually rather deactivate elements instead of setting Opacity to 0% anyway.

Option to add Sweep effect similar to seconds hand to an animation image sequence? I am adding link to my post regarding this issue.

Did you see Sinjae’s response here. That is probably the only solution


Yes, I tried it. That just makes both of them look bad. I had to set the sweep to 5hz to almost match it. But they never sync.

The type of multimedia supported are
Import already animated images such as AGIF, Lottie, or WebP files.
make that a ring and rotate it to sync with a second.
Is that possible for you?

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I can’t use a GIF format file, I am getting this error.

Lottie file formats are not available for selection in the app and WebP files are not animatable I believe.

I am on the latest version(1.2.6), so I don’t know if I am doing something wrong here!


Sorry its working fine. I made a mistake in choosing the files.

Auto naming imported component based on imported file name. Ex, a PNG file named hr_hand.png imports into WFS. The component will be named “hr_hand”, instead of a generic name “Image”.

I don’t know there is only the one simple multimedia file example and the 1.2.5 release notes is where I got the AGIF, Lottie, or WebP files
I think the AGIF is an Adobe one but I don’t know.

Sorry, I wasn’t of more help


Do you know if Lottie is more energy efficient than AGIF?

Do you know if Lottie is more energy efficient than AGIF?

Sorry I’m not a designer so I don’t have a clue.

Anyone else Know?


Sorry it’s working fine. I made a mistake in choosing the files.


You can do this in Preferences:

Edit history would be nice, like a History pane in Photoshop. So we could actually undo - redo things instead of needing to guess what am I undoing, not to mention Undo doesn’t work too well…

Also regex reference to layer names in tags. Say I have layers for moon phases [MOON_PO], 29 different layers. Changing the opacity of each, based on the value. I could just use one formula in tags instead manually needing to add the numbers if I name my layers accordingly.

Increase input value via scrolling mouse wheel, instead of clicking the up and down arrow buttons one increment at a time.


Is the slider bar too quick? Would some mouse wheel action on it be as acceptable?

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