Watch Face Studio Feature Requests 3rd Quarter 2022

Edit history would be nice, like a History pane in Photoshop. So we could actually undo - redo things instead of needing to guess what am I undoing, not to mention Undo doesn’t work too well…

Also regex reference to layer names in tags. Say I have layers for moon phases [MOON_PO], 29 different layers. Changing the opacity of each, based on the value. I could just use one formula in tags instead manually needing to add the numbers if I name my layers accordingly.

Increase input value via scrolling mouse wheel, instead of clicking the up and down arrow buttons one increment at a time.


Is the slider bar too quick? Would some mouse wheel action on it be as acceptable?

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The slider is great, but for adjusting value in small increments the mouse scroll wheel works better. It’s a common feature in 3D programs.

It’s at every boxes. Click and hold to increase and decrease would be nice.

I think these features are enough. It’s time to see. :wink:

I’ll gather these Week of Aug 14 and send a report in and then open a new feature request Topic.

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Is this topic closed? Can I add one more request?

Need a tag to identify if the watch has entered AOD mode.

Not Closed.

A tag for AOD was discussed earlier in this thread I think it was decided it was not a good idea as it served no real use over hiding and showing a component.

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