Watch Face Studio - Version 1.1.9 ready for download

Version 1.1.9 : New version 1.1.9

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Good news, some changes look promissing, finaly something new to study :slight_smile:

  1. Common
  • Provide Version Update notice.
  • Support Dark theme for comfortable & relaxed use.
  • Support color label in Layer.
  1. Component
  • Support Mask.
  • Support Multimedia. (webp, agif, lottie)
  1. Edit & Properties
  • Improve Properties. (Bitmap font, Curved text, Progressbar)
  • Improve Animation panel. (Loop times, Frame count)
  • Support Trigger for Animation and Multimedia component.
  • Support Bitmap font management in Setting.
  • Support Image Appearance for Image.
  • Support Loop, Copy, Paste in Conditional line.
  1. Style
  • Support Grid view.
  • Support Reorder item.
  • Increase the number of each item.
  1. Etc
  • Provide editor tutorial on Watch.
  • Update Open Source license.

Note: Watch Face Studio user guides will be updated in early March.


The alignment of .ttf fonts is now completely inaccurate :frowning: @sinjae

Left screenshot - WFS 1.0.12, on right screenshot taken with 1.1.9 (On watch experience unaffected)


Is it worth to update or stick to old version ? as visuals are very important factor when creating watch faces if fonts are not shown the way they will be on Watch it means its not worth to have new update :confused:

I understand that the tutorial will be released early this month. In the meantime, do you (or anyone here) know what is “Support Mask”?

Thank you

Mask/Unmask components

The shape of the bottommost layer determines the visible area of the mask group. The layers above it appear only through the shape outline of the bottommost layer. For example, if you place a triangle image in the bottommost layer and an image and an animation in the layers above it, the image and animation will appear only through the triangle outline of the bottommost layer.


To create the mask group, do the following:

  1. Select the layers you want to group.
  2. Choose Mask from the hot key area, or right click the layers and select Mask .

To release the mask group in the Layers window, do the following:

  1. Select the mask group.
  2. Choose Unmask from the hot key area, or right click the layers and select Unmask .

Note: When the bottommost layer of the mask group is deleted, the mask group is automatically released.

from: developer document

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Meanwhile it has been documented, as sinjae wrote.
The great use is, to get rid of the masking transparent bitmap layers, for making gradient coloured texts.

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Thank you Sinjae, Peter for the feedbacks.

Can I request the new progress indicators give option for gradient style changes for example the right hand progress bar on this face uses 5 colors and I have to make in Photoshop manually


Yes you can request it. I added it to the Feature Request list.

Samsung Developer Relations


It’s possible with 1.1.9. Just use gradient layer + progress bar & create MASK.

One problem is that some tap action animations are currently choppy / stuttering when using complex masks like these. I’ve already created bug report.

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Why mask?
Why not just have the progress bar background opacity set to zero and reveal the gradient image?


Because doing it that way you currently can’t create rounded corner progress bar. With my solution - you can.

This would only be possible if some of my previous suggestions got into WFS

But as I said. It’s now doable with the help of mask groups :slight_smile:

Download link is not working

Which link does not work.

All download links from the Developer Portal site. we are looking into this.

Samsung Developer Relations

I think it’s ok now. At least they work for me.