Watch & phone connect error on transfer

I developed a watch face for my watch in 2019. I was very happy with it and haven’t done anything with Galaxy Watch Studio since. I recently got a new phone and messed up when linking the watch to the new phone. Bottom line, my most recent backup was very old and did not include the watch face.

I went back to GWS to load my watch face onto the watch using the procedure I used then which is half something I figured out from information here and half witchcraft:

Re-boot watch, check that BT is off, WiFi always on and debugging on.
Do Run on Device – watch is found
Reboot phone, while cabled to computer through USB-C port
reply to prompt on phone to allow debugging mode
Do Run on Device – watch and phone are found
Click on watch – transfer starts and goes to about 65%
Transfer crashed crashed with error screen.

I would be VERY happy if someone could tell me what I need to do. I really like this watch face and would hate to lose it. I have searched the forum and nothing I found has helped.

Watch is SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch (46mm, GPS, Bluetooth) – Silver/Black (US Version)
Last software update on watch 6/11/23@ 00:26
Tizen; SE for Tizen 2.0
One UI Version2.0

GWS is Version 2.0 .0_Beta; Build 200403

Can’t figure out how to post a screen shot here, but first error message is:
SDB command(pkgcmd-q-i-t tpk-p”/home/owner/share/tmp/sdk_tools/tmp/CustomEagle_TW4.tpk”) failed : path is …

Again, ANY help would be appreciated

You can’t do sdboverbt with Tizen 4 and newer. You need to transfer the watch face via WiFi so you should not connect Phone to via USB port. That may be why it is crashing

With Galaxy Watch and newer there you need to accept an RSA Encryption key on your watch before it will proceed. Generally that gives and error -12 or sometimes crashes.

When You first install you need to accept that Encryption key quickly .The problem is if you don’t accept it quickly the watch thinks it was an attempted hack and does not ask again. So it probably won’t pop up again.

In the C:/USERS/username folder is a hidden folder names .tizen and that has two files sdbkey and rename them to something else that will force you to accept the RSA Encryption key.

When you run on device it will pop up on your watch so observe it quickly and accept it. You can select don’t ask again but it never does

Finally the bad news. If this starts to install and then says error -12 let me know that is a whole big headache and I think it probably will.

Samsung Developer Relations