Watchface Helper app Source Code Open Your Watchface On Connected Watch

i made a helper app today with same files injave shared for a watchface snd its working just fine.

The download button in my project shared is the main background and i have not added any button. also the toast is working as well.

ensure you have copied data correctly and have rebuilt project after copying this is very important and there are no errors in project.especially copying to build.gradle file is important and java file also

ImageView works but button not working in your project please help


kindly do share it how to use a button instead of imageview here with us as well when you have got it done.

Have a look here there should be a companion app with a button but i am not very good with android studio, so that’s the best i can do for you.

Could someone create a video step by step how to do?
Thank you!

I think this is what you want mmn
Google play wear os companion app - #31 by gmpanh but read the comments he clarifies it somewhat.

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Thanks for this fantastic resource! Uploaded my companion app last night, and working perfectly now!

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I am glad that my post was helpful to you.
I wish you best of luck dear friend :slightly_smiling_face:

OQ Watchfaces

hello - is there an easy way to build the app icons (ic_launcher_foreground.png) in the various sizes currently in ‘/app/src/main/res’.

Another question - what is the most efficient way to change the watch face name in the ‘Dbasic12’ sample project?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

When you build scroll down after you enter your passwords there is a Label that is supposed to show. Initially it is based on the Project Name but you can change it.
Watch Label

This only shows in the apps tray and I assume in Play Store. It is supposed to show in the long press to change watch faces but I think that is in the next release.

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Hi Ron,

thanks so much for the fast response - very much appreciated. I have the latest Flamingo Build and this ‘Label’ field does not show up but I found I can do a search/replace which seems to work.

Another question: By default the built app name is ‘app-release.apk’ - do I need to give the app a different name and where would I do that or is using the default name ok?

Many thanks in advance.

The package name in WFS It is the very top box in the build settings and the .aab and .apk extensions are added to that

the package name must have at least two segments (one or more dots).
Each segment must start with a letter.
All characters must be alphanumeric or an underscore [a-zA-Z0-9_].

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Hi Ron - sorry for the not being clearer - by ‘the default built app name is ‘app-release.apk’ I meant the .apk or .aab that is created in Android Studio. I did a ‘search in files’ in my Android Studio’ project but could not find any reference to this ‘app-release.apk’ file name.

I managed to build the Android Studio watch face companion app bundle. Now when I upload both to production in Google ConsoIe I get the error:

This APK will not be served to any users because it is completely shadowed by one or more APKs with higher version codes. Remove this APK from your release or review the targeting and version codes of the APKs that you are including in this release.

My .aab uploads are:
Watch face:
VersionCode: 5 (VersionName 5.0.0)

Companion App:
VersionCode: 6 (VersionName 5.1.0)

I followed the video of Murtaza ‘Create Simple Companion app for WearOS Watch Faces’.

If someone could help me with this one that would be great since I am not sure what is wrong here…

I managed to build the Android Studio watch face companion app bundle. Now when I upload both to production in Google ConsoIe I get the error:

I don’t know about Android Studio projects, but the way you upload the bundled apps changed in March and I think that is why you are getting the error. See this Topic on how to upload them now

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Hi Ron, thanks again for your always excellent tips and hints - your support really makes a difference and is so much appreciated!

hi, i m searching a way open watchface apk file with watch face studio, anable ?

There was or is no such way or method with which you can open apk file in Watchfacestudio . It is not possible.

Only project files can be opened which have .wfs file format. OR a gwd file of tizen can be imported.

@Osman thank you mate but i know that ways, is there a way with android studio ? i opened watchface apk file with android studio, I don’t know what to do next :slight_smile:

Well perhaps someone with android studio kowledge and kotlin,Java language coding skills can help you then.I dont have that :slightly_smiling_face:

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