Watchface Store doesnt work after update :-(

Yesterday i was forced to to an update of Galaxy Wearable App. After doing that the app starts, but when i switch to the store with the watchfaces it only shows a blank white screen.

Changing my installed watchfaces works with the app, but exploring new faces dont. i am on xiaomi note 5. until the update yesterday all works perfect. do you know what to do?

Connecting to GWS also works.

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48h after the update the store is still not working/there. At the moment i cant install new watchfaces!! I paired my watch with a Samsung Phone and the same problem appears as on my Xiaomi. In Galxy Wear when i switch to “discover” (watchfaces) only default images appear see →
And then when clicking a name of a watchface it only shows a white blank screen.

If the watchface store dont come back within the next week i have to return the watch to Amazon. Without the option to change watchfaces the watch is useless to me.

When you are paired with Samsung phone I guess there should be galaxy store as separate app. If you open it, there should be watch faces available independently from the wear app.

OK, thank you Peter, i will give that a try. :ok_hand:

Also on the Samsung A40 the App Store (like the Wear App) is dead. No images.
Maybe a big problem here in Austria/Europe. :thinking:
If Samsung cant fix that till end of next week, i have to send back the watch to Amazon. :frowning:

It looks like some problem with the store in general. Maybe the app needs some privileges to load the images. Its hard to guess what is wrong. I’m also from Europe (your north-eastern neighbour) and it works here, but I have much older phone and watch (S7 and gear S3).
Usually mod of this forum sends people to the samsung users community. You may give it a try, but I would not expect much from that.

Oh, hi neighbour :wink: Yesterday i chattet 30 minutes with Samsung Support in Germany. But they cant help. Meanwhile I reproduced that “problem” on 3 different devices, so i guess, like you said, its a problem with the store in general. Hope they fix this soon. :open_mouth:

The store is back :star_struck: Without having done anything special, the store works now as usually. Phuuu :smile: