Wear os 2.44 and wfs connection

@Armflow i moved your question here as its for a different watch.

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I wonder is it your wear os version is not supported or another issue but

from what i gather wfs is for wear os 3 and above yours is 2.44.

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OK, understood. Thank you!
The strange thing - it was OK on the previous WFS version.
So, I’ll try to find and install the older ver. and we’ll see if this will solve the issue.
The WearOS 3 for the TicWatch will be released soon, as they say…

Hi, it could be when they upgraded the wfs they decided to removed support for older wear os.

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The older WFS versions supported Wear API 28 and 30 and your TicWatch is API 28

WFS 1.4.x and 1.5.7 support API 30 and 33 (wear 4)

If you search here several users have put links where you can download 1.3.13 You will need to use that until the TicWatch is updated.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hi, Thank you again, you was absolutely right.
Apparently, WFS devs stopped to support the earlier versions of WearOS watches.
Finally, installed the older version (1.3.13) and woila, all is working.
Thank you again, will wait for the WearOS update for my type of watch.

Google stopped support of Watches with less than API 30 that is what changed.

Samsung Developer Relations

This means older version are considered E0L = end of life

No OS or software has support indefinitely btw

Hardware will eventually EOL so @Armflow some older watches might or might not get the lastest wear OS. Depending if your watch has EOL already a not.

E.g my older samsung galaxy 10 ultra lastest update was android 12

To be fair this is not just a Google decision. There are government regulations that are requiring a level of security that the older API’s don’t have.

Samsung Developer Relations

Very true. Microsoft also have EOL. For security purposes.

The watch manufacturer say - “We got news about updates for Mobvoi’s older range of smartwatches back in April, saying that users should expect to see Wear OS 3 in the third quarter of this year.”
So, the update will be released soon.
And, there is almost no EOL for the hardware, pal.
The new OS can be installed on the old hardware and run smoose - the “device security” is just a program code with no relations to hardware.
E.g for your old Samsung available a lot of the custom ROMs from the thirdside developer groups, based on the latest OS…

Hi, ok just pointing out , officially hardware can eol.puting custom rom is not official, u can put custom os in anything but doesn’t mean its secure

When i said EOL means support from official manufacturers has ended - (i cant get support from sumsung directly for my old samsung). Using custom roms still mean EOL officially by manufacturers but third party developers choose create custom rom for old hardware…

Anyway, its good your watch is still being officially updated.