WearOs 3.5 and OneUI 4.5 Custom Launcher problem


Recently, after introduction of new wearOs/OneUI versions we noticed that our custom launcher is not automatically launched and displayed to user after watch finishes the booting (e.g. after rebooting or turning it on).
Our application was working properly on WearOs 3.2 and OneUI 4.0, which is not the case for WearOs 3.5 and OneUI 4.5

I was not able to find out if something specific has changed on OneUI/WearOS side that can introduce this problem. After all Default Apps in Settings still shows my app as deafult Home App.

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I’ve moved this to the Watch Face Studio team in hopes that one of the engineers can pass this on. I don’t know if this is a WearOS or OneUI issue.

Samsung Developer Relations

Can you follow the guide to report the error to Samsung?

This watch update has brought about a new problem: the newly downloaded watch faces do not automatically appear in the selection. You have to add the Watch Faces manually using the + button, which is at the very end of the list. Which normal user should know that please? What was Samsung thinking again? Again, there will be a number of complaints from customers that they cannot find/download/install the watch face. :woozy_face:

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We’ve reported this but this is consistent with all Android apps when they download. They are the last thing put in the app tray and not place on your home screen… with the exception that the store says Open once it is downloaded and Watch Faces say will be downloaded later.

I’ll check with Tony on the status of his updated blog.

Samsung Developer Relations