Samsung Failed Testing on Galaxy vs Active watch

I have submitted a face with weather. tap the weather image and it opens native weather app on watch.

When i submit the face, it gets rejected stating that the tap is not working. It DOES work on my galaxy watch and also shows that the tap is working in GWD. I have submitted 3 times - all failed.

My only suspicion is that the testers use the active watch as a tester and that the galaxy and active watches are not equal.

Attached is my cap from GWD and the reject pic from Samsung tester.

Anyone else having test issues??

Are you using the regular weather app shortcut built in GWD or some other custom ID
Second, somehow I think the weather app on the watch maybe uninstalled on the Testers end.(in that case , it is looking for it and can’t find it) but it is installed by default. So…
Both the issues need to be looked into.