Web Midi API. Requesting Midi Access promise doesn't resolve

I’m trying to get Midi Access as stated in the code example below, but the returned promise never gets resolved. I would expect a console.log message after some time - works in Chrome on Android … but not with Samsung Internet…

To run this statement within the Android tablet, I connected the tablet via USB and used Chrome remote debugging (via chrome://inspect/#devices)…

I’m using Samsung Internet Version running on a Galaxy Tab A (2016) with Android 8.1.0

I’m pretty sure it worked some time ago - can anyone pls confirm this - maybe it’s a bug?
Thanks :slight_smile:

var midi = null;  // global MIDIAccess object

function onMIDISuccess( midiAccess ) {
  console.log( "MIDI ready!" );
  midi = midiAccess;  // store in the global (in real usage, would probably keep in an object instance)

function onMIDIFailure(msg) {
  console.log( "Failed to get MIDI access - " + msg );

navigator.requestMIDIAccess( { sysex: false } ).then( onMIDISuccess, onMIDIFailure );


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