What are the 3 color fields for?

Hello everyone.
I’ve been wondering for a while why you can now define 3 color fields in the “Theme Color Palette”. I don’t see any effect when I create multiple colors in a row.
What is the purpose of these different color fields?

Different colors

You can assign up to three colors per object. See my photo.

You can e.g. Set the color of the LCD display in color and the font black and/or LCD black and font in color or white


Oh I see. Thanks very much. I had overlooked that I can assign the colors in a group differently by clicking on the “paint bucket”. :grinning:

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@SGWatchDesign do you mind sharing what font you used for the clock in the pics?

Hi, I don’t know for sure, but check this font:

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. The font is called LCD NachoNumeros. I have no idea where I found it. But I can send it to you. Send me an email to sgwatchdesign@gmail.com

Thanks @Peter that’s great!