When trying to flash wgt fileTizen tv Model:QA55LS03BAKLXL ,YEAR:2022,

app_id[kyOjJtwf3J.EPlusBroadbandTV] installing[86]

app_id[kyOjJtwf3J.EPlusBroadbandTV] install failed[118, -22], reason: Security error : :Invalid function parameter was given:<2>

spend time for wascmd is [6143]ms

An exception occurred

(Installing the package… > Fail)

An exception occurred

Unexpected stop progress…

Did you create a Samsung Tizen Distributor Certificate or a Tizen Distributor certificate. If you have the Tizen distributor certificate in the profile (even if you also have the Samsung Distributor Certificate )the app won’t install

You should probably ask this in the Seller Office if that isn’t the issue.

Samsung Developer Relations