When will tag expressions, health and weather data all work together?!?!

I’m very impressed with Galaxy Watch Studio and am having a ton of fun making my own watch faces. But I’ve noticed there is a very severe limitation in that tag expressions, health and weather cannot be used together. As I understand it there are incompatibility issues with the API’s working together.

Are there any timelines when we could hope for these to be fixed and all work together?

API’s are the application programming interface and that is how an app reads information. The Openweathermap.org API and Health API are not compatible types and that is the issue for GWS. The choice had to be made have tags work with Health or Weather and was an easy call.

All I can say is the GWS Development team is fully aware of this issue.

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Why the weather api and the health api should be compatible?
they have totally different scope.
From a developer perspective I cannot imagine a system that by design has to choose whether to integrate with a service or another that has a totally different function.
It’s like having an app in which you can use the internet with a web browser but not for map navigation.
I’d like to know what design choices lead you guys to this.

Yes this seems like a poor decision, maybe they just don’t have the manpower to rewrite their API to work with OpenWeather. I can’t complain much as GWD is a pretty amazing program which is offered for free, it’s just a bummer that it doesn’t work in this regard.

Do you understand programming or are you just a designer?
A program like GWS is more complex than you might think.
GWS is a program for people to create watch faces without having to code.
If you are a programmer, you will understand that sometimes it is not so easy to implement APIs and that GWS itself handles them without errors.
There may also be some kind of policy that doesn’t allow multiple APIs to work together.
You can also work with Tizen Studio which has many options and work with APIs.
Tizen Studio requires programming knowledge.

Samsung does not have a license to allow developers the actual weather information from the watch so GWS designers need to use OpenWeathermap.org.

API’s are the application programming interface and that is how an app reads information. The Openweathermap.org API and Health API are not compatible types and that is the issue for GWS.

The ones you see on the store are usually Tizen Studio developed in Native C/C++ and read the sensors. They do not use Health and often get complaints that the Health and the data shown on the watch are different. This is because Samsung has a proprietary algorithm for determining activity.

While there are 3rd party stores that basically run an emulator on the watch and the data is from the mobile phone and their own license.

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I develop software for a living, and to me getting informations from OpenWeather should be as simple as issuing rest api calls from some kind of http client. That’s why I don’t understand why this task should affect other jobs like reading health data.

Licensing :slight_smile:

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Ok, at least I know that it is not a technical issue :slight_smile:

That’s a shame because it means it’s not a technical limitation that the developers can overcome (unless there is the possibility of developing something in GWS to allow reading the sensors?). Is there any reason why Samsung would not license this? GWS is just such an awesome program, it’s a shame that it’s hamstrung because Samsung doesn’t want to spend the money. Its’ still confusing because you make it sound as if users in Tizen do have the licensing to use the sensors.

Also is there a technical reason the Health API can’t be fixed to work with openweather?

Do not abandon hope on Weather and Health being together. Samsung has not said it will never happen it has always been a goal.

Do not confuse Samsung Health which is an proprietary algorithm that uses watch sensors with using Tizen Sensor API. For example SHealth will detect Activity and determine what activity after 10 minutes and retroactively start the time frame. If you are simply reading the sensors you would need to determine everything based on many different sensors.

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Maybe a stupid question as i am not a programmer, could the solution to this problem be that OpenWeatherMap would not be used, instead another “Paid” weather service would be allowed?

If the designer is willing to pay the fees on that weather service wouldn’t it be ok for Samsung (with some changes in the Terms & Conditions maybe)?

Alternatively, Samsung can implement a small annual fee to the designers collecting extra cash for the licensing. I am sure that those who benefit from sales wouldn’t have a problem to pay a symbolic amount on an annual basis.


That is what Native Tizen Developers do. This is a desired feature and something that GWS Development team wants to add.

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