Unable to add weather options even with activated API keys

Hi there,
I have activated everything as in manual (API keys are valid) but these buttons are in grey:
What shoudl I do to make the work form me?

it was starnge, i have to create new project and now it is working fine.
Ok topic can be close

Once you add any health related data, the weather features become greyed out and no more selectable.

yes, i know that and I have no health feature added and I was unable to add wheater. But I have start this project again and evrything works fine.

But why does it work that way??? I know that the watch can display steps and current temperature at the same time, so why is the studio limited in such a way?

I can only speculate.
I guess it is because different Samsungs departments have different goals and different priority so they get different resources allocated. They are supposedly working for years on a solution. I guess this particular department has very limited resources and has to put them on more important things, like preparing support for new OS versions. Maybe it is just really really really hard.

Licensing issue so GWS can’t use the Watch (phone’s) weather.

There are no actual apps that can run Weather and Health at the same time. Tizen Developers can do weather in native C++ but can’t access Samsung Health.

3rd party developer that have both Samsung Health and Weather use an early incomplete Health API that has been deprecated and run as an emulation on the watch.

Samsung Developer Relations