Working with cut outs, transparencies and alpha channels

Hi everyone.

I am new to galaxy watch designer and just starting out with learning to build watch faces.

Can anyone please help me understand how to use the cut out files (blue .png images in the folder with the light effect image) for date windows and Moon phases?

Are these simply templates for blocking out part of your watch face in the design process, or can you use these images/shapes to create a “window” through a layer, to the one below?

I know that I could simply place the “window” above the layer I am working on or delete the window from the background below for most applications, but for this face I want the background to use the gyro effect which means that the cut out area would also move.

I have tried searching online and found no info at all, so any help at all would be appreciated.



Maybe you would have to make the date “window” not as a cut out, but as a patch above the background and above the gyro shine.

Hey Peter.

Thanks for the reply.
I can do that for a date window but was trying to avoid it with a Moonphase window as I was trying to keep the layer count down.

Do you know how the blue cut outs work or if there are any resources on their use? I’m not even sure what they are called which is probably why I can’t find anything.