Xamarin: Use of a fast starting sub app, instead of NavigationPage on WatchfaceApp

I develop currently a watchface app with Xamarin Forms.

To choose a location in the world, the user have to tap the upper half of the screen. After then, i navigate to a ContentPage with a simple listview of the locations on it. But that is not a real good solution.

The samsung guide says it’s not a good idea to use a NavigationPage in a watchface app. Because it has limited functions (e.g. its not possible to use the hardware keys/bezel, keyboard and so on).

So i made a sub app (with XF) for this and start it via AppControl.

That works, but:

  • The start of the sub app takes too much time. Is it possible to start it faster (preload)?
  • A widget is not an alternative.
  • Starts a Tizen NUI app much faster than a XF/.NET App? Could this be a solution?

Is anyone expierenced with Tizen and Xamarin Forms Watchfaces and such software design problems? Thanks for sharing your expierience…


You can use Tizen NUI. Here is a sample app of NUI.

You can also try circularUI.
Preload may create bad user experience.

Admin note: Fixed 404 of sample app