Your device isn't compatible with this version - Android Play Store

I didn’t get the those message when I was testing the companion app locally. Then I uploaded both updated watch face aab and companion app. Both has been approved, but it’s getting the error messages and bad reviews from unhappy buyers.

Does it still take 7 days for a new or updated watch face to be propagated? It will show the incompatible message or soon to be install message until it has been propagated?


Oh great. Something is wrong on my device then.
I exactly did this again now as well it does show search but when i click on it, it shows incompatibility error. No text for other devices option.
Anyway if it’s displayed n not on my device that’s fine.

Thanks a lot for detailed screenshots Ron.
Appreciate you taking time on this one…



Try opening Play Store from your device and search for it your watch may just not be associated with your Google Account.


5 days later I’m still waiting for Play console support. Meanwhile, anyone else is experiencing this?

Yesterday I uploaded a watchface and Companion app. I will report if it has been approved.

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Google support says it has something to do with testing track, but I didn’t setup one. Is this new?

My SG-110 has been released. No problems.

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