Your watch APK file has a high failure rate

I just got this new notification in my mail on Google Play Console. Has anyone encountered this? It’s also with a new watch face created using WFS 1.5.7.
How to fix it?
Thank you for your feedback

"Your watch face APK file has a high failure rate
5. 9. 2023 23:40
The failure rate for one or more of your dialer APK files exceeds the threshold for bad behavior. For dials with always-on apps, Play calculates the overall failure rate (which is not limited to user-perceived failures) [Learn more about our failure metrics].

This means it will likely be less visible on Google Play, and users may see notifications in your store listing. We recommend resolving these issues as a priority.

In the Quality section, go to the Android Vitals feature for your watch face. To view metrics, click on ANR Failures and Errors."


Also when stores place items (in this case watch faces) in their lists it isn’t random, it has to do with reviews, and returns as well as downloads. The store is saying you are getting bad reviews and this will move your watch to the bottom of the lists so you should fix it.

In my opinion this often is the companion app not the watch face. A lot of time people download the companion app thinking they will get a watch face for free or one that shows on the mobile phone. And they complain it is telling you to look at the metrics and see what the complaints or returns are.

The other reason is they don’t know how to install once it is downloaded. Put a link to this Blog or give directions in the Android companion app or on your watch description.

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Check your app stats (android vitals,) and look for the failure rate to identify the reason. I suspect that the companion app (form factor: smartphone) is causing this problem. At least that’s what happens for me. If the percentage is greater than 1.09%, you have a disadvantage. How big this disadvantage is compared to other metrics like ratings or download numbers, I guess only Google knows.

So far the watch faces himself causes a very low number of failure rate.

Thank you very much for the information. I’ll check everything properly

Thank you very much Ron

Anyway, I don’t want to be wrong, but these warnings have appeared since the GW5 received the new update to Wear OS 4…

Hi Matteo.

All warnings apply to Watch face file versions. Until now, I have not encountered these warnings. I was a little surprised. So you’ve encountered this before?

Not before, only from September 5th.

Are this warning in google consoles?

What did u use to develop the watch faces?

Hi. Yes, the warning is in the Google console,in email. I make watch faces in watch face studio 1.5.7.

Hmm…dont know much about google console how they check.

But those warning are to do with memory violations.
Wonder is it wfs studio bugs or wear os.


Others are reporting customer complaints after the update. Apparently the users need to uninstall and then re-install the watch faces or they “freeze” on things.

I also got a new Flip5 and I had to re-pair my watch so everything was removed so I don’t know if the watch faces were removed by the update. I know I have 3 of your watch faces and they are running smoothly on the updated GW5 Pro

If you are getting complaints about the watch face not operating ask the users to reinstall them

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I also had this message after I had added more languages to a WF. The WF was updated with version 1.5.7. After I had removed languages, the update was approved today

One of my watch faces was on top list 2 days ago. When I realized the decrease in my downloads, I checked the top paid list. My design was removed from the watch face and watch apps section.

I updated my design 3 days ago. I just added 5 more color combinations. With this new version, I got the same error saying: “Your watch APK file has a high failure rate”

@r.liechty_SDP We need some support from the developer team. Could you please give us some tricks to improve performance?
I found one point via this bad experience: DO NOT add too many color combinations.

BTW you review your files performance traces via this page:

Thanks to this page, I was able to determine after which date and in which file the problem started.

"Step 3: View deobfuscated crash stack traces
After you’ve uploaded a ProGuard mapping file or debug symbols file for a version of your app, crashes and ANRs that occur afterward will be deobfuscated. You can review deobfuscated stack traces for individual crashes and ANRs on your app’s Crashes & ANRs page.

Open Play Console.
Select an app.
On the left menu, select Quality > Android vitals > Crashes & ANRs.
Select a crash.
In the “Stack Traces” section, you’ll see your deobfuscated and symbolicated stack traces.
Important: Once you’ve uploaded a mapping file for a version of your app, only future crashes and ANRs for that version of your app will be deobfuscated. Crashes and ANRs for a version of your app that happen before you’ve uploaded its respective mapping file won’t be deobfuscated."

lately I’m getting this error:

" This App Bundle contains native code, and you’ve not uploaded debug symbols. We recommend you upload a symbol file to make your crashes and ANRs easier to analyze and debug."

Maybe adding a symbol file could be a solution. But how can we do it I have no idea. I’m just a designer who is really tired of dealing with Google problems. I missed Galaxy Store days.

My design was removed from the watch face and watch apps section.
I thought it was returns and reviews. check your reviews and see if there is a lot of bad reviews also check the returns and see that was affected. Samsung only changes rankings for the country but I don’t know if that is how Play Store does it or if it is global. If it is one country that may tell you something.

I updated my design 3 days ago. I just added 5 more color combinations. With this new version, I got the same error saying: “Your watch APK file has a high failure rate”

This App Bundle contains native code, and you’ve not uploaded debug symbols.

I believe they are talking about the “companion app” see if that is the version code 10… 14

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I checked today. All of my designs which I updated via WFS 1.5.7 version have the same error. All of them were removed from all lists on Google Play. My revenue is very low now!!!

Today I have to update all of them with version 1.3.13 :S I have to also change designs and all images on Google Play.

Is there any easy way to fix this error even if using WFS 1.5.7 ?


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This is the mostly reported crash error in my case.

Never happened before the release of Wear 4.0.

(on watch face, no companion app).

@Matteo_Dini @Persona

Failure to load, or high failure rate, my guess is they are still trying to test your app on a API 28 device ‘’ Starting on August 31, 2023:

Starting September 1st

  • New apps must target Android 13 (API level 33) or higher; except for Wear OS apps, which must target a version between Android 11 (API level 30) and Android 13 (API level 33), inclusive.

Let me know some specifics and some of the review information. If this is a WFS 1.5.7 issue I’d like to have full information for the WFS team.

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The watch face with this error was made with which WFS version?