Active 2 cannot saving watch face

The watch face applied to Active2 is not saved after studio version upgrade.
After pressing the Active 2 LCD for a few seconds, the already applied faces are not displayed, only the previously saved faces (before version up) are displayed.
Also, when a new watch face is applied to Active 2 in the studio, the previously applied face disappears.
In other words, only one watch face is applied and it is not saved at all.

It may be you have a conflict of Package ID name. I’ve noticed that the oldest watch face design will be removed when you have used up the memory no matter if you side load it or download it from the store. That might be why the old one disappears.

There could be an issue with the AOD that causes the new install to be removed. Other than that I’m not sure what the issue would be. Does this happen to all watch faces or just one in particular. More information would be useful.

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It’s an imperfect method, but it solved the problem to some extent.
After rebooting the watch, I was able to check the watch faces I had transferred.
However, unlike before, I must reboot each time after transmitting the watch face to check the transmitted watch face.

rebooting or restarting. If you are just restarting try rebooting one time. If it is a cache problem that would fix that. Reboot by holding down the home (power) button for about 15 seconds until it says rebooting.

In some cases this will require you accept the RSA Encryption Key the next time you side load a watch so look for that after a reboot and allow it. It may not do it, if the watch face transfers you are good.

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